Comments from Parents and Students

It was great meeting with you yesterday. Both [my daughter] and I felt great about what you had to say, share and suggest.  We appreciated your careful listening and sound, honest advice. Many times, these types of meetings are overwhelming and [she] has felt defeated or up against crazy odds. I felt like you offered her positive, but realistic feedback, which not only made her feel confident in her abilities, but also willing to share much more, like the fact that a gap year might be an option. This is something I have suggested, but has been met with resistance. It was so refreshing to have her speak about this option as a real (and maybe a better) possibility. Anyway, thank you. This has been a journey already with her, and you helped legitimize all of the effort not only she has put in, but also that our family has invested in. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to meet with you and have [her[ work with you on this. - parent of 2018 high school student

•I so appreciate your recommendations. [Our family is] going to discuss everything this weekend! Thank you again! - parent of 2018 high school student

I got into Syracuse school of Architecture! And I even got their annual Distinguashed Architectire Portfolio Award of $10,000 - 2017 high school student

•Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know that [my son] was accepted to Pratt. They offered him $84,000 ($21,000/year) in scholarship. parent of 2017 high school student

•Thanks for checking in and in case [my son] has not replied, he did get an accept from RISD! Amazing! We're so happy for him and so grateful for your guidance! - parent of 2017 high school student

Thanks again for all of your help and support, it meant the world to [my daughter] and I! - parent of 2017 high school student

•Thank you very much for meeting with [my daughter] and myself last Sunday. Your positive view and comments about her work left us both feeling encouraged and excited for her future! parent of 2017 high school student

Thank you for your words. They were so helpful. Your advice is clearly based on the deep, insightful thought you have given to your years of experience in this industry. We feel fortunate to have you as part of [my son’s] team. parent of 2018 high school student

Thanks again for all of your help -- I do believe her scholarships were in large part to your support with her portfolio. parent of 2016 high school student

•I'm extremely proud to announce that I will be attending the University of Arts London this fall for the beginning of my foundation year! Thank you so so much for all of your help. We wouldn't have known where to start without you. - 2016 high school student

•Thanks again for guiding my son. I think without your guidance, he would have not applied early decision to RISD and he would still be working on his portfolio! The rest of his senior year will be so enjoyable now that he was accepted! - parent of 2016 high school student

•Wanted to let you know that [my son] had a great portfolio review with Art Center College of Design yesterday. I really appreciate all your input it has been invaluable. - parent of 2016 student

•The meeting was helpful for all of us. We all left with the feeling that you have a good idea of the art & design college landscape and what might be best suited for [our son] given his background and his interests. - parent of 2016 student

It was nice meeting you again yesterday, it was a wonderful session, we learned a lot.                      - parent of 2018 high school student

•Thank you again for your help. It made all the difference to have your encouragement and assistance in putting together the portfolio! - parent of 2015 student

My son and I met with you two summers ago to get some very helpful advice about applying to art schools. He followed all of it and after visits and deciding what he wants to do - graphic design - he's going to RISD in the fall - we thought you'd want to know! He got some merit awards for excellent grades and great financial aid, as he did at all the art schools he applied to Pratt, MICA, SVA, Carnegie-Mellon, Occidental, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute..Thank you for your help along the long process! - parent of 2014 student

•I just got accepted to Northeastern!!! Again I just can't thank you enough for all of your support, guidance, and advice! - transfer student 2015 

•She was accepted at all her choices, but wait listed at Cal Arts. She has accepted the offer to attend SVA and is very excited to go to New York. You were such a big help in getting through this process, I will definitely pass your name around. - parent of 2014 high school student

•Thanks Barry! Couldn't have done it without your help and advisory! Also received the presidential merit scholarship from Pratt as well! - 2014 high school student

•[my daughter] got in everywhere. Thanks for all your help in making that happen! - parent of 2015 student

•Thank you very much - I think our visit to you was very helpful. We'll digest the information and get back to you with more questions when we're ready to ask them :) - parent of 2016 high school student

•Thank you so much for all of this information and help! The meeting we had last week was extremely helpful and I just want to thank you for taking the time to help me out. - 2015 transfer student

•Great information and extremely helpful. We have already scheduled three college visits you recommended. Lot of work ahead of us. Thank you very much! - parent of 2016 high school student

•Wow! Great list. [my son] and I will need some time to carefully review and look up some of your recommendations. Thanks very much and I'll be back in touch with a few questions, I'm sure. - parent of 2016 high school student

•Thanks for sending your recommendations for [my child]. It was perfect timing because we were visiting colleges already. The college visit questions came in handy for that. I'll be researching the college recommendations you sent. It was very helpful talking with you and getting your input. I'll definitely be in touch with you again. - parent of 2015 high school student

•Hey Barry, I got into Pratt. And I got the presidental scholarship, which is $18,000 for every year that I'm there, which is great! You gave me a great Christmas gift - thanks! - 2014 high school student

•[our child] completed her application tonight. We can't thank you enough. Uploading the portfolio was a big job - I didn't realize that but we were so lucky you did it. In the past week, she went from disorganized to 3 completed applications, including the big one. Thank you Barry for everything you do! - parent of 2014 high school student

•Thank you for working with [our child]. This has been a real learning experience for her and I think it was more rewarding for her to be able to work with you. - parent of 2014 high school student

Thanks for being so supportive of me and helping me through this complex decision. I couldn't have done it without you and I really appreciate what you've done for me! - high school student 2014

•Thank you, Barry. It was great meeting you, as well. Your experience and authenticity were quite evident upon meeting you. Your detailed recommendations for [our child] here confirm that she is in good hands working with you toward her goal of finding a college program that is the best fit for her. You have provided her with a terrific action plan. - parent of 2014 high school student

•Thanks so much for your guidance and hand-holding during the final days of this difficult and important decision. - parent of high school student 2013

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